WATCH: Charlie Kirk Says Trump's Obsession With 2020 Is Not Doing Him Any Good

Donald Trump has lost an awful lot in his life. Almost any business venture he's started has ended in total failure. And he, of course, lost the 2020 election by nearly seven million popular votes. 

The former President can't handle his losses as he sees being a loser as the worst thing one could be. So instead, he blames his failures on others or claims that anything he takes part in is rigged. 

So while Trump is trying to win back the White House in 2024, he also remains fixated on his rejection by the American people in 2020. 

During a recent discussion, Bill O'Reilly asked Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, "I think that Trump’s obsession with 2020 still continues to hurt him in this election. Am I wrong?"

The Republican activist responded, "First, I’ll say that there’s a season for all things, and when it was really a, let’s just say a recent wound, I think it was helpful to talk about ways we could’ve secured the election better and things we could’ve done better in 2020."

Kirks continued:

"I will say though, in this season we’re in right now, talking about 2020 does not do us any good, so I’m in full agreement. For example, I think a trap question that might be thrown at Donald Trump this debate will be if Jake Tapper asks Donald Trump, ‘Do you accept the 2020 election results?' I think how he navigates this is important."