WATCH: Andrew Weissmann Explains Why Aileen Cannon Doesn't Have 'The Tools' to Handle Trump Case

Donald Trump did not enjoy either of his recent trials that took place in New York City. The former President frequently whined about how he couldn't get a fair trial and that the judges were mean to him. That hasn't been a problem for his federal trial which is based out of Florida. 

The judge in that case is Aileen Cannon, who was placed on the bench by Trump himself. So far she has been more than willing to favor the former President in her rulings. 

During a Monday MSNBC segment, host John Heilemann asked Andrew Weissmann if Cannon was, "Politically biased, bozo, or both?"

The former federal prosecutor responded:

"So, I actually think it’s both. There’s no question she’s inexperienced. And she does not have the tools to handle a case that is this complicated. That’s clear. There’s, you know, everyone’s seen that. We also do have the fact that the Eleventh Circuit, a conservative circuit that she is in, reversed her not once, but twice. And those were conservative judges who just thought she was absolutely bonkers in terms of her rulings."

Weissmann continued, "And of course, both times that she was overturned, her rulings were for Trump. It’s not like she’s inexperienced and sometimes she gets it right for Trump and sometimes she gets it right or wrong for the government. They’re always siding with Donald Trump and it’s very, very hard at this point to see her as being anything other than partisan."