Watch: Buttigieg Blasts Trump For Disrespecting Veterans

Despite his claims of supporting the military, Donald Trump has again been accused of slamming someone who served his country. 

An Atlantic piece on Mark Milley. In the article, Milley claims that after a wounded veteran performed a song, Trump asked, "Why do you bring people like that here, no one wants to see that, the wounded."

Buttigieg, a veteran himself, was asked about the alleged comments during a conversation with CNN's Dana Bash. He began, "It's just the latest in a pattern of outrageous attacks on the people who keep the country safe."

The transportation secretary continued:

"These are the kind of people that deserve respect and a hell of a lot more than that from every American, and definitely from every American president. And the idea that an American president, the person to whom service members look at as a commander in chief, and the person who sets the tone for this entire country could think that way or act that way or talk that way about anyone in uniform, and certainly about those who put their bodies on the line and sacrificed in ways that most Americans will never understand, and I guess wounded veterans make president Trump feel uncomfortable."