GOP Sen. Says He Hopes His Party Will Support Someone Other Than Donald Trump

Talking to The Washington Post, Republican Senator Todd Young discussed his hope that Republican voters will select a presidential candidate other than Donald Trump. 

While Trump was certainly the favorite for the Republican nomination, many lawmakers were hoping voters would opt for someone else. Due to the low quality of the other people seeking the nomination and Conservative dedication to MAGA, Trump has a huge lead in the polls. This weekend, Indiana's Todd Young said that he hoped voters would change their minds. 

The Conservative lawmaker told the Post's Colby Itkowicz, "I’m still holding out hope that my fellow Republicans want to throw their support behind someone who has personal integrity, respects the rule of law, aims to unite rather than divide people, and actually knows how to do the job well.”

Young also took a shot at Trump's career prior to entering the world of politics. "Donald J. Trump’s signature professional achievement is as a reality television star," he continued, "and he’s lacking in every personal quality that I, and I think every other Republican, should want in a presidential nominee. Moreover, he is the least likely to win a general election."

While it is clear that Trump has long been a drag on the party, very few Republicans have been willing to take shots at him. It is almost certain that Trump will see the comments from Young and attack him in kind.