WATCH: Lara Trump Lauds Father-in-Law For the Reversal of Roe vs. Wade

When Donald Trump was in office, he placed multiple extremist justices on the Supreme Court. The justices didn't take long to overturn Roe vs. Wade despite the fact that a majority of the country was against the decision. 

Democrats have won big in elections since the Roe decision was made and will be heavily campaigning on the issue in the fall. RNC Chair Lara Trump tried and failed to spin the issue during a Monday appearance on Fox & Friends. 

Host Ainsley Earhardt asked, "Lara, let’s talk about today. It’s the anniversary when the Supreme Court made that historic decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. That was actually two years ago today. So this is a big issue for a lot of women around the country, abortion. How will he handle that on Thursday?"

Trump replied, "Well, look, Donald Trump obviously nominated three Supreme Court justices to the bench who made the right decision and actually set Roe v Wade out and said, listen, this is up to the states. It shouldn’t be up to a small group of people in Washington, D.C. The most democratic thing now has happened. And I think that’s what Donald Trump has continued to say: it goes back to the states."

The RNC Chair continued: 

"So every respective state gives we the people the opportunity to opine on such a major decision such as this. I think you’re going to hear that from Donald Trump. It’s what he has continued to say. And if we’re being honest, this is just about the only thing the Democrats think they can run on this election cycle. I think Donald Trump will have a great response for it."