WATCH: James Carville Has a Hilarious Reason Why Steve Bannon Needs a Single Cell

Once his campaign head, Steve Bannon has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. And the MAGA Republican has certainly made plenty of enemies along the way with his verbal threats. 

Bannon will be going to prison for four months, and those enemies are thrilled to talk about his predicament. Democratic strategist James Carville gleefully told Ari Melber on Tuesday why Bannon would need his own cell. 

The host asked, "He will incarcerated under this federal calendar on election day. He’s demanding any position in the party, you have to spew these lies about their past loss."

Watch the clip here 

Carville responded

"Well, he’s gonna have four months to contemplate everything. But I think whoever his cellmate is can make a good Eighth Amendment case if you remember that from law school. That’s cruel and unusual punishment. You have to be in the cell and smell this guy. I think that’s something out of some North Korean torture chamber. But he’s going to have, boy’s gonna have a lot of time to think about 2020 and his past life and whatever the future holds because he’s going to the penitentiary, probably for longer than four months. But please, Lord… he needs a cell by himself because he’s gonna stink that jail up something fierce