Trump Says He Won't Be Choosing Nikki Haley as His Running Mate

Female voters really don't like Donald Trump. Exit polls conducted during the 2020 election show that Joe Biden won the votes of 57% of women. Those numbers could get even worse in 2024 after his Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. 

Some Conservatives believe that having a female running mate could help soften Donald Trump with women. And one of the most prominent choices for a running mate could be Nikki Haley who is running for the GOP nomination. But on Friday night, Trump shot the idea down while campaigning in Concord, New Hampshire. 

"Nikki is somebody that puts America last,” said Trump. “She is not presidential timber. Now when I say that, that probably means that she’s not gonna be chosen as the vice president."

The former President continued:

"You can go and you can say certain things, you know, 'I don’t like ’em' and ba ba ba, but when you say certain things, it sort of takes them out of play, right? I can’t say, “She’s not of the timber to be a vice…' and then say, 'Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce that I’ve picked…' Do you understand? But that’s the way it is."