WATCH: George Conway Explains How He Aided E. Jean Carroll in Trump Case

Donald Trump is facing several cases regarding his actions following his loss in the 2020 election. That isn't his only issue, though. The former President lost a defamation case against journalist E. Jean Carroll and was recently in court regarding the suit. 

George Conway, a lawyer and no fan of Donald Trump, appeared on Anderson Cooper's show on Friday night to discuss the case. And he told the CNN host a story about the time he met Carroll and advised her on the case. 

Conway explained, "I met her in 2019, about a week after the report of her story came out. The book came out. The excerpt in New York Magazine came out. And I had written a piece in The Washington Post talking about how, if anyone believed in Juanita Broaddrick, who made claims against Bill Clinton that Donald Trump trumpeted during the 2016 campaign, then they should believe Jean Carroll as well."

The lawyer continued, "I ran into Jean Carroll by happenstance in Manhattan a few days after writing that piece, and she came up and introduced herself and thanked me for writing the piece in The Washington Post. And asked, some people are saying I should sue. Do you think I have a claim? And I said yes. Immediately."

Conway closed, " Then about ten seconds later, I thought, oh, I know precisely the lawyer who should be handling this. An excellent lawyer who had become a friend of mine who has been since that day, representing her. And that's how I got to know Jean Carroll. That's how she met her lawyer, and the rest is what we have now."