Trump Mocks Ron DeSantis Over His Horrible Fundraising Numbers

Ron DeSantis' fading campaign got some more bad news on Wednesday when it was revealed that his campaign had fallen short of fundraising goals during the 3rd quarter. 

This time last year, the Florida Governor was considered to be a very real threat to Donald Trump. Fox News' Rupert Murdoch was seemingly behind DeSantis and he had plenty of money flowing in from top-level Conservative donors. 

Once DeSantis' campaign got going in earnest, though, most Republican voters are deciding that they'd rather just stick with the former President. The latest fundraising numbers certainly show that. 

Trump's campaign mocked DeSantis in a recent statement that read, "Donald J. Trump for President 2024 raised more than $45.5 million in the third quarter, with over $37.5 million cash on hand. In an impressive testament to the overwhelming grassroots support behind President Trump that will lead to dominating victories, close to $36 million of the total cash on hand is designated for the primary."

The missive continued:

Meanwhile, the DeSanctimonious campaign admits to only having $5 million cash on hand for the primary election - a grave indication that Ron's candidacy might not live past the Iowa Caucuses in January or even the end of this month. 

DeSantis is quickly fading, sometimes finishing 4th of 5th in the polls. Unless something drastic happens, he will not be the next Republican candidate for President.