WATCH: After Helping Oust McCarthy, Nancy Mace Goes On Bannon's Show To Beg For Money

After helping to out Kevin McCarthy from his speakership, Nancy Mace appeared on Steve Bannon's show, saying she's now a target of the 'establishment.'

It has been a very strange couple of years for South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mae. She won South Carolina's purple First District by a few thousand votes in 2020. She presented herself as a moderate. She was one of 9 Republicans to support holding Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress. She also earned the ire of Donald Trump by criticizing him for January 6th. Trump would later back her primary opponent, though Mace still won her 2022 race. 

Since that moment, Mace has dramatically changed her tune. She is still pro-choice and wants to decriminalize marijuana, but is now far-right on many issues. She was part of the group of GOP Reps. who ousted McCarthy. 

Despite their past, Mace appeared on Bannon's show today. She told listeners, "I certainly am not going to make everybody happy, especially those that are part of the establishment. The establishment is coming after me. I mean, 100% started last night, and I need help."

The lawmaker continued, "This is about telling the truth. And the next speaker that we have needs to be someone who's not going to let the American people down, who will tell the truth and be honest, even when we disagree, someone who's going to keep their word."