Trump is Mocking Ron DeSantis Online Over His Terrible Poll Numbers

Despite all his own problems, Donald Trump is delighting in Ron DeSantis' poor poll results and mocked him over Truth Social on Friday. 

The last year has gone very poorly for Ron DeSantis. Once considered to be a rising star in the party, he embarrassed himself by going to war with Disney, one of Florida's biggest employers. 

Things haven't gotten any better since DeSantis entered the Republican nomination race. He was supposed to give Donald Trump a real run for his money. But DeSantis has lagged far behind the front-runner and seems to have hurt himself nationally. 

A mocking Trump wrote on Truth Social:

"Destroying Social Security and Medicare hasn’t exactly helped him! In the important Emerson Poll, he’s dropped to 8%, 51 Points behind his favorite President, ME. Birdbrain, who may be even worse, is fighting it out with others for a very distant 2nd place. The last debate was the lowest rated debate in history. The next and probably last one, in Miami, will do even worse. Republicans should not debate, they should UNITE in defeating the WORST & MOST INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

Trump seems well-positioned to win the Republican nomination, but his legal problems could also derail those chances. If that happens and DeSantis captures the nomination, he will likely be a weak candidate.