Jim Jordan Loses Private Vote and Will Not Become Speaker Of The House

After a secret vote was taken on Friday, it was reported that Jim Jordan will no longer be the Speaker of the House designee for the Republican party. 

A few weeks back, Matt Gaetz helped remove Kevin McCarthy from the speakership. The Republicans were seemingly caught flat-footed and didn't have an obvious replacement. Steve Scalise, a high-ranking Republican took the first try but couldn't garner 217 votes. 

CNN's Melanie Zanona reported this afternoon, "NEWS: Jordan has LOST his designation as the GOP speaker nominee. Vote was 86-112."

Gaetz, who created this whole problem in the first place, complained on Twitter, "The most popular Republican in Congress was just knifed in an anonymous vote in a secret closed-door meeting in the basement of the Capitol. This is the Swamp at work."

The Republicans seem to be in pretty deep trouble now. Each day they go ahead without a Speaker makes the party look more and more dysfunctional. This is especially true with the wars in Gaza and Ukraine. The biggest issue for the party is that it is hard to imagine any member being able to secure the votes.