Ron DeSantis Isn't All That Impressed With Donald Trump's SCOTUS Appointments

One of the main reasons that the GOP was willing to put up with Donald Trump is that they could use him to do their bidding. The most obvious example of this was the reworking of the Supreme Court.

Only in office for 4 years, Trump placed 3 Arch Conservatives on the country's most important bench. Ron DeSantis isn't all that impressed by the people Trump picked. 

During a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, the Florida Governor was asked, "Are you going to make the same kind of pledge to the Republicans as you go around the country that your judges will be like the Trump judges?”

"Well, actually," DeSantis responded, "I would say we’ll do better than that. I mean, I respect the three appointees he did, but none of those three are at the same level of Justices Thomas and Justice Alito. I think they are the gold standard, and so my justices will be along the lines of a Sam Alito and a Clarence Thomas."

The Republican candidate continued:

"And in Florida, I inherited a very liberal state supreme court, maybe the most liberal in the country, very activist. But I was able to replace three of the four liberals my first month in office with conservative justices. I’ve since been able to make a number of appointments since then. So we now have the most conservative state supreme court in the country."