WATCH: An Irate Steve Bannon Accuses Bill Barr of Treason

Donald Trump is in serious legal peril. While most elected Republicans and the right-wing media arm are supporting him, most of those with legal expertise understand just how bad things are for the former President. 

One of these legal experts is Trump's former Attorney General William Barr. Barr lit into his former boss on Fox News this weekend, saying that is even parts of the indictment are true, Trump is toast. 

Two of Trump's most ardent loyalists, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, went after Barr on Tuesday. Bannon began, "When Bill Barr is out there dumping on Donald Trump, that's a misdirection. Bill Barr's a traitor. They had the information from.... they had all the information from the laptop, no later than December of 2019."

Bannon would continue:

"Forget this Trump stuff, that’s all nonsense. We’re gonna get to the heart of the matter. And Bill Barr, you can get up there and say this is a great case… We’re gonna shove this up your ass, okay? We’re gonna shove it up your ass. You are freaking guilty of treason. You’re guilty of treason and [former Trump impeachment lawyer Robert] Ray’s guilty of treason. You had this information and we can prove you had it."