Report: Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has A Brutal Approval Rating In Arkansas

In the latest Annual Arkansas poll, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders only has a 48% approval rating in her state. 

When Sarah Sanders was growing up, her father was the Governor of the State of Arkansas. Sanders, herself, would go on to work as one of Donald Trump's press secretaries. She parlayed that notoriety into a position with Fox News. 

The Fox personality launched a successful campaign to become the Governor of Arkansas and took office in January of this year. Things haven't gone well. The Governor immediately got to work fighting against culture war issues rather than focusing on anything that could improve her state. 

Recently, Sanders has encountered controversy in regard to a $19,000 lectern the state purchased. The hefty price of that lectern has led to an internal audit. 

This poll, in which 801 people were surveyed, shows Sanders holding on a 48% approval rating. That is a terrible number for a variety of reasons. The state is one of the reddest in the country and Sanders won her gubernatorial race with nearly 63% of the votes.

In addition, the approval rating stands as the worst for any Arkansas Governor over the last 20 years. Janine Parry, the director of the Arkansas Poll, explained, "A volatile economic and political environment is likely influencing some people’s general sense of well-being, in Arkansas and elsewhere."