WATCH: CNN's Tapper Curses While Admonishing Marjorie Taylor Greene

During a closing segment on his Sunday show, CNN host Jake Tapper blasted Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

Taylor Greene has always been quick to make use of tragedy for her own political gain. She had no qualms about using the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine to push her messaging. This week, the Georgia Republican introduced a measure to censure Dem Rep. Rashida Tlaib for leading a protest calling for a ceasefire. 

Reacting to Greene's move, Tapper began:

"I mean, Greene spoke at the white supremacist conference run by Holocaust denier, racist anti-Semite Nick Fuentes, who participated in that hateful 2017 Charlottesville rally. This is the same Marjorie Taylor Greene who has pushed the great replacement theory in videos, the deranged notion that rich Jews are trying to replace white Americans and Westerners with Blacks and brown Muslims, not to mention, of course, her Jewish space laser conspiracy that a consortium including, yes, wealthy Jews were using lasers on satellites to start forest fires."

The CNN host continued, "This is not an insurrection," he insisted. "Antisemitism is not a cudgel to be used against people for political points. Nor is Islamophobia or racism or anti-gay behavior or misogyny or any other kind of bigotry."

Tapper closed, "Just over three weeks ago, 1,400 people, mostly Jews, mostly civilians, were slaughtered here in some of the cruelest and most unimaginable ways in the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust. This shit is not a game."