Pro-Trump Activist Wants To Make Sure Supporters Don't Donate To His Go Fund Me

Donald Trump endlessly talks about how rich and successful he is to anyone who will listen. But Trump is also completely and utterly shameless. He has no issue taking the money his supporters have sent in so he can use it on his legal bills. 

On Friday, a judge in New York ordered Trump to pay a massive $354 million fine, even more when interest is considered. Almost immediately, a GoFundMe appeared, asking supporters to again bail out the former leader of the free world. 

Laura Loomer, a prominent MAGA activist, urges fans not to donate. Not because she's against people paying the supposed billionaire's fine, but for another reason entirely.

She posted on her Twitter account, "Go Fund Me is anti Trump and liberal. You should have used @GiveSendGo@GrantCardone. Go Fund Me is notorious for banning conservative campaigns. I have been banned from GoFundMe since 2018."

Any donation service takes a percentage of the money donated. So Loomer would rather see that percentage go to Give Send Go, a Christian nationalist version of the site. 

Go Fund Me has also said that they would shut down any fund that would be used to pay for a criminal settlement. As of right now, the request is still up on the site.