Michael Cohen: I Don't Think Trump Can Pay Fine Even If He Sells All His Assets

For two decades, Michael Cohen operated out of New York City as one of Donald Trump's personal lawyers. Few people know the ins and outs of the Trump Organization better than him. 

After Trump's devastating legal loss on Friday, Cohen appeared on MSNBC to discuss the ramifications of the case with Alicia Menendez. And according to his former lawyer, Trump is going to be hard pressed to pay the huge penalties assessed to him. 

In regard to paying the fines, Cohen opined, "I don't think it's possible, at least not with the New York State assets. All the assets in New York, if they were sold, I don't think cover the $355 million."

The host and the guest then agreed that the former President was now stuck with a high bill that he can't pay. Menendez asked, "What happens to Donald Trump when he gets stuck?"

"He goes into complete and total panic mode," Cohen responded. "Donald's theory right now, the only out for him financially and criminally regarding incarceration, is if he wins the election. He's not running for the presidency of the United States to do good for the United States. He wants to do, and the only way he can do, good for himself is to win the presidency. This is all about running for the purpose of saving himself.