Nikki Haley: Donald Trump was Very Respectful When I Told Him He Was Wrong

Nikki Haley is doing a very difficult dance when it comes to Donald Trump. She wants to defeat him in the Republican party and at the same time, do it gently as possible. If she goes too far, she could draw the ire of his fans, the majority of the GOP. 

This week, the lawyers for E. Jean Carroll told their stories about seeing how Trump interacted with lawyer Alina Habba. Haley was asked about those anecdotes during a weekend appearance on CNN. 

Host Dana Bash noted that Trump was reportedly, "so angry during a deposition that his team was providing her lunch that he threw papers across the table and stormed off." She continued, "He also made a veiled reference to the C-word. You're now his competitor, but you've worked very closely with him, as you've talked about even in this interview. Do you think he has a problem with women who challenge him?"

Haley responded as one would imagine, saying, "Well, I challenged him a lot, and he actually handled it very well and was very respectful. If I saw him doing something wrong, I showed up, or I called him, and I would say, you cannot do this, but instead, you know, do it this way, this way, or this way. He didn't challenge me," she added. "He is not a perfect person. He is flawed."