Fox News Contributor Claims Taylor Swift Will Destroy the Kansas City Chiefs Dynasty

Taylor Swift is a strong independent and wildly successful woman, the stuff of nightmares for Conservative men. Besides that, she has thrown her endorsement behind Democratic candidates like Phil Bredesen and Joe Biden. 

Clay Travis became a MAGA superstar by combining sports writing with fragile male masculinity. Fox thought he was the perfect guest to invite on to discuss Taylor Swift, who is dating Kansas City Chief's star Travis Kelce. In a surprise to no one, Travis does not care for Swift. 

Host Howard Kurtz asked the Outkick founder, "You weighed in on Taylor Swift a few weeks ago when you said she was partially responsible for the Kansas City Chiefs losing a couple of games. Do you stand by that comment?"

Travis responded, "I hope that she's the Yoko Ono of the Kansas City Chiefs, and she destroys their dynasty and puts them down in flames. That's why I am proudly supporting the San Francisco 49ers, America's team, on Sunday against Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce."

The Chiefs had a tough end to their season and many Conservatives were blaming Swift's presence in the crowd for their. Once they reached the playoffs, though, Kansas City has gone back to dominating their opponents, even with Swift in the stands. She is sure to be at the Super Bowl next week and causing another MAGA meltdown.