MSNBC Host Katie Phang Says Media is Over-Reporting on Joe Biden [VIDEO]

During a Saturday segment on her MSNBC show, Katie Phang admitted that the media has been focusing too much of their coverage on Joe Biden's debate performance. 

In the months before the debate, the media had been focused on Donald Trump and his mounting legal problems that resulted in a felony conviction. But Trump hasn't been on the news much, despite continuing controversies, as the media turns toward calls for Biden to drop out of the Presidential race. 

Appearing on Phang's show, strategist Susan Del Percio lamented over Biden's issues, "I just wish the Democrats would stop talking about it. Nancy Pelosi saying, 'was this a condition or is it an episode?' That leads the media to follow. Sorry, it just is!"

The host weighed in

"Let me be clear, and I am probably making a lot of people angry right now, they're telling me I need to wrap , but here is the deal. Because we talk about it, and I want to be clear, I am talking about it on my show because I think it is an important thing to acknowledge why it's been a disservice but I agree with you, Danielle [Moody] and Susan Del Percio, that we need to move on from it and focus on the critical issues like."

Phang closed, "And the last thing I will do is this, President Biden said in the interview last night, it is about the character of the president, the character of the president will determine if the Constitution is employed in the right way. If you believe in that, that is not Donald Trump."