Chris Hayes: Is Trump Senile or Just Lying [VIDEO]

After Donald Trump attempted to distance himself from the Conservative 2025 Project, MSNBC host Chris Hayes was left to wonder if he was senile or just lying. 

This week, Americans have learned more about the 2025 Project, and extremist platform that will continue to take rights away from women within the United States. The plan features several wildly unpopular proposals that would turn off voters on both sides of the aisle. 

Realizing the 2025 Project's lack of popularity, Donald Trump attempted to distance himself from the proposal this week. Hayes noted that the GOP sees the criticism for the project, "which is why today, Donald Trump is desperate to try to separate himself from it all. Trump does not want people to know about the entire vanguard of extremist weirdos around him and what their plans are for when he governs. With the Project 2025 plans lying in plain sight they were panicking in a fraudulent way."

Hayes continued

"The group behind it all is the Heritage Foundation. We all know Trump spoke to them while he was president, and Paul Dans, a senior aide in the Trump administration, is the director of Project 2025. Ken Cuccinelli, Trump's former acting deputy Homeland Security secretary who pushed anti-immigrant policies, wrote a chapter in the manifesto. John McEntee, a guy very close to him, around him all the time, he's a senior adviser, he's been doing vetting of a personnel database to see who they're going to staff the government with. If Trump has no idea who is behind it, he is far too senile to be allowed to continue his campaign. Either that or he's lying."