Mike Johnson: I Become a Mental Health Counselor Thanks to Marjorie Taylor Greene

Mike Johnson, the current Speaker of the House, has accomplished next to nothing in that role. It is not the Democrats that are preventing him from achieving any goals, though, it is the Republicans within his own body. 

No one has made Johnson's life harder than Georgia lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Georgia lawmaker is a bomb thrower, more interested in making a spectacle of herself than doing anything that would help the people in her district. 

During a recent appearance on KEEI's Mike and McCarthy show, Johnson was asked if he and Greene had made up after all of their issues. 

"Oh good grief," Johnson began. "You know me, I don’t carry grudge. I don’t, you know, I don’t keep a record of wrongs. I went up to her right after her ridiculous tirade and said, ‘You know what, still gotta work together, Marjorie. … How about training some of that energy against the Democrats?' Look.  This is all gonna work out. I spend half my day as Speaker of the House and the other half as a mental health counselor."

Later in the interview, Johnson attempted to explain away his failure to get anything done as Speaker, saying, "So I can pass things in the House. But it doesn’t mean it’s gonna become law, because the progressive Democrats run the White House and the Senate and so we sit over our legislation, we pass resolutions. We impeached Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas at Department of Homeland Security."