Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Will Reveal Proof That Trump Won Georgia in 2020 'Pretty Soon'

The state of Georgia was a reliably red state for many, many years, but that has changed over the last decade or so. The clearest proof that it is now a purple state occurred when Joe Biden carried the state in 2020 and Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won senate seats in early 2021. 

MAGA World, even years later, can't accept the fact that Trump lost. Despite several investigations into the voting process by Republican leaders, some are still claiming that Trump won the state in 2020. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she has proof of this and will reveal it soon 

The Georgia congresswoman told Steve Bannon, "this happened in 2020 when absentee voting was at its highest. So when President Trump got on the phone with our Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, and said 'can you find the votes, where are they,' he was basically looking for ballots. And these ballots have been lost in the mail."

Greene continued, "and so there was nothing wrong with what President Trump said. As a matter of fact, I think he'll be vindicated easily by a lot of the work that I'll be doing and the work that I'll be showing pretty soon."

As has been become the custom for MAGA Republicans, Greene is overpromising and will soon underdeliver. If there really were outstanding ballots from the 2020 election, they would have been found during the numerous investigations into the vote count.