WATCH: Lara Trump Says Its Clear Donald Trump Accepts Election Results

Donald Trump has been sitting in a courtroom over the last month, and he has had to send out his family to appear on cable news for him. And they are doing their best to obscure the truth as much as possible. 

Last night Lara Trump appeared on Newsmax to talk about the looming 2024 election. According to the former President's daughter-in-law, Trump has already proven that he will accept election results. 

Host Eric Bolling asked, "You have Barack Obama, Joe Biden, now Hillary Clinton saying something to you to the effect of, if Trump loses, he will not accept the results. Is that coordinated?"

"I think, isn’t it all coordinated?” she replied. “Isn’t all of this stuff coming from one place? It’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump does accept election results even despite the fact that it was a very questionable election in 2020 because Joe Biden is, unfortunately, sitting in the Oval Office today."

"What Donald Trump has said – and I think he’s exactly right – is that we should have free, fair, and transparent elections,” she continued. “And unfortunately, Eric, there are millions and millions of Americans out there who don’t feel like they can trust our electoral process. We can’t function as a country like that."

Of course, Donald Trump hasn't accepted the 2020 election results to this day. But Newsmax viewers and fans of Donald Trump would never admit that.