Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes Nuclear on Fellow Republican Bob Good

At times it seems like no Republican is willing to step up and criticize bad actors like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene. But the House Freedom Caucus took the rare step of kicking the Georgia Rep. out for her comments about other GOP Reps. 

Obviously, Greene is still stung from the ouster that occurred back in July 2023. She voiced her displeasure on Wednesday with a Twitter attack against current Freedom Caucus head Bob Good. 

The controversial congresswoman began, "HFC and their donors are victims of a hostile takeover by Never Trumpers and that’s going to be a disaster for Pres Trump’s next administration. Bob Good ran on MAGA and Trump’s endorsement in 2020 AND 2022 and now endorses DeSantis and says 'Trump is unelectable.'"

The message continued:

"Well Trump just proved Bob Good wrong by DOMINATING in Iowa!! In spite of Bob Good ousting Kevin McCarthy, Bob Good gladly took millions of dollars from McCarthy to get elected and would hate for people to know that. President Trump is going to win in 24, and he needs loyal America First warriors NOT Congressmen on a power trip who will stab him in the back."

Taylor Greene does her party no favors and has very few friends in politics. Still, she had the backing of Donald Trump and that's really all that matters in today's Republican party.