WATCH: Ben Carson Claims That Donald Trump Isn't a 'Highly Vindictive Individual'

Dr. Ben Carson ran against Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican nomination race. But they didn't show any animosity towards each other and Carson has worked as a surrogate for Trump over the years. 

The surgeon appeared on CNN on Tuesday night to speak with Abby Phillip. And when he attempted to paint Trump as a very different person than who he is, the host felt the need to step in. 

Phillip asked Carson about the possibility of Trump prosecuting Joe Biden if he becomes President, the surgeon responded:

"I think in his speech yesterday, or the day before, that he took a more conciliatory turn and recognizes that the problems that face us right now are enormous, and we could spend a lot of time going after people, or we could address those problems. I think we’ve already seen that President Trump is not a highly vindictive individual, in that he didn’t go after Hillary after he was elected in 2016."

Phillip jumped in, "You’re saying President Trump is not a highly vindictive person? He’s literally pledged to prosecute his– to Joe Biden, he said he would do that. He said he would go after people who wronged him."

After Carson word-saladed about judging Trump on his actions instead of his words, the host responded, "Trump, Dr. Carson, talks about getting revenge almost every day on social media. I mean really, just days ago. Should voters not take that seriously? Should voters have to wait until he’s actually president to find out if that’s going to happen?"

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: