Maria Bartiromo Theorizes That Barack Obama is Behind Move to Replace Joe Biden

Republicans, especially those in the media, are thrilled over how Thursday's debate went down for their favored candidate, Donald Trump. But while they are excited about the results, they also now have to worry about the possibility that Biden could be replaced by a different candidate. 

With Biden being replaced, the Conservative media is also pushing conspiracy theories about how the process is going. Unsurprisingly, Maria Bartiromo invoked Barack Obama while talking about the situation. 

The Fox host was speaking with RNC Chair Lara Trump. The host asked, "Well, I mean, what about the superdelegates? Right? And all the delegates that have been secured? Does President Obama run that? How do you get the superdelegates to agree to make a change?"

"It's a huge question," Trump responded. "I'm sure they're scrambling. I'm sure they're having late-night sessions trying to figure out how to salvage this. And no matter how they try and spin it, no matter what they try and do, I think that it's going to be a resounding win again for Donald Trump on November."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: