Bill Maher: A Different Dem. Candidate Would Make a Huge Difference

Donald Trump is a pretty terrible political candidate. Not only is he a convicted felon, but he is also not very well-versed in any of the issues facing the country today. Joe Biden wasn't able to point out any of these flaws during his Thursday night debate performance. 

There has been plenty of talk about the unusual step of Biden stepping down and being replaced by a different candidate. Political pundit Bill Maher believes that could give the Democrats a major boost. 

During a discussion with Chris Matthews, the HBO host began, "a different candidate would make a huge difference, I think. Here’s that from last night. The flash poll afterward. Trump, they said, won 67 to 33. Thirty-three – that number rings in my mind. Because you know what that number is? That’s the number you always see very close. 33, 34, 32 of the people who are just always with their party, right."

Matthews then weighed in, " In the real world, outside of the Biden world, it’s clear to me that another candidate like Newsom, the governor of California, could have the dynamic to move from June right now to November and build up support to match Trump’s and maybe overtake him. He could change the whole situation."