MAGA Podcaster Accuses Taylor Swift Of Leaving Christianity For Witchcraft

In a Twitter rant, MAGA figure Kandiss Taylor accused pop superstar Taylor Swift of witchcraft. 

Right now, Taylor Swift is the most famous person in the country. The singer, who has become more political over the years, endorsed Tennessee Gubernatorial candidate Phil Bredesen. She also came out on behalf of Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential race. 

Considering her wild popularity, this is bad news for Republicans. So they've been on the attack. Kandiss Taylor, the host of the Jesus, Guns & Babies podcast, had a particularly extreme take on the matter. She wrote on her Twitter page:

"Did you really just praise your fans for making videos with your music and “casting spells” @taylorswift13? What is wrong with you? I was a fan from day one and loved how much you grew in your singing ability. I love that you write your own music. My daughter has grown up dancing with me to your songs, singing to the top of our lungs, and attending your concerts."

The rant continued, "I have heard from others that attended this last tour that you had some satanic nods in your show. I didn’t want to believe it. After all, I know you’ve claimed to love Jesus. I know you claimed to be a Christian."

The MAGA host closed, "I pray that you repent. I pray that something pricks your heart. You have been gifted a HUGE platform. It didn’t just happen. God breathed on this. He can remove His hand and leave you to the witchcraft and your own devices. Let’s see how much Lucifer cares about you or your career. I promise. He doesn’t."