Maddow: Making Jordan Speaker Is Like Putting Rudy Giuliani On The Supreme Court

During an appearance on The View yesterday, Rachel Maddow discussed Jim Jordan's actual qualifications to be Speaker of the House. 

The Ohio Congressman has an uphill battle to become the next leader of Congress. Another vote was taken on Wednesday and Jordan lost votes and moved farther away from winning the role. At this point, it seems like he will keep trying as it doesn't look like Republicans have anyone who could garner 217 votes. 

Maddow was on The View to promote her new book. The hosts asked for her opinion on the Speaker vote. "Even if you can fast-forward to the end of this process, whenever it ends with whoever wins, what does that person win," she responded. "The worst job in America and they get to hold it for five minutes, then get fired and start again. There is nothing to look forward to for anybody here."

The MSNBC host then touched on the Ohio Rep. potentially having the role, saying:

"It would be like if Trump was president and put Rudy Giuliani on the Supreme Court," said Maddow. "Or Sidney Powell. There was nobody more important in Congress to Trump's effort to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the United States than Jim Jordan. And so, to make him second in line to the presidency and in charge of Congress certifying the election results in 2024? I mean, that is, I mean, he's still in the running. Maybe it'll still be him. That will be a big deal if it happens in all the wrong ways. I'm hoping they go in a more moderate direction."