Kevin McCarthy Thinks Nancy Mace Needs Professional Help

Today, Republicans are unable to really govern without constantly reaffirming their commitment to Donald Trump. At one point, Nancy Mace was a Trump opponent, and she was willing to speak out against the former President. But once he put a primary opponent up against her she changed her tune. 

Kevin McCarthy wasn't all that different. Desperate to become the Speaker of the House, the California Congressman has been willing to say whatever Trump wants tp hear. Strangely, though, McCarthy went after Mace this week. 

"I hope Nancy gets the help she needs, I really do," he told reporters this week. "I just hope she gets the help to straighten out her life. I mean, she’s got a lot of challenges."

The former Speaker of the House continued to throw punches, saying, "No one will stay working for her. You can’t have somebody who just flips and flops based upon what TV station she gets put on. You want someone who’s willing to work, and so I hope she gets that kind of help."

While ripping into Mace, McCarthy also took a shot at Matt Gaetz who helped out him from his Speaker spot The Florida Congressman responded:

"The ghost of Christmas past visited us here in the halls of the Capitol and Kevin McCarthy apparently said that I wasn’t as well liked by President Trump as I thought, but I recall President Trump asking me to go campaign for him in Iowa and New Hampshire."