Kari Lake is Now Begging Meghan McCain for Forgiveness

In 2022, former newscaster Kari Lake decided to run to be the Governor of Arizona. She had been a Democrat just a few years earlier, but she had a chance to win an important position by being incredibly Trumpy. 

Lake ran one of the most arrogant campaigns in recent memory, claiming that if she lost it would have been because she was cheated. She also went to war against the McCain family who are hugely popular among Republicans in the state. Lake lost her race. 

The failed candidate recently claimed her comments about John McCain were a joke, earning a rebuke from Meghan McCain. Now, via Twitter, Lake is begging for forgiveness. 

"As mothers, (both with two kiddos) I’m know we both agree that our children’s future is too important to let it slip away over past grudges or hurt feelings," she said

She continued:

"My dad passed away from cancer, too. I trust and believe that if our fathers were still with us they would do everything they could to save this Republic. Our movement to save Arizona & America is growing, and it’s Mama Bears like us who are leading the charge — ALL Moms want the same thing: to leave our children a better America than the one we had. It’s as simple as that. I want to make Senator McCain and Larry Lake proud."