WATCH: Legal Expert Says Trump's Name Could be Stripped From Famed NYC Buildings

Donald Trump grew up in New York City and dreamed about seeing his name on some of the buildings. He actually reached that goal (thanks in large part to inheriting his father's real estate empire). But if he isn't careful with paying his fines to New York, those names could be stripped off the building. 

That was the possibility discussed by Alicia Menendez, David Jolly, and Harry Litman, who talked about the penalties against the former president. 

Previewing the possibility of what could happen, Jolly giddily remarked, "Get the cameras ready, get the popcorn ready, we might all watch Donald Trump lose his real estate empire, and the Trump name comes off of buildings."

Litman, a former prosecutor, then weighed in:

"Just think about the day and the bowls of popcorn as the big Trump name comes down from Trump Tower. Empire State goes up. He always exaggerates his brand, but there are editions of it everywhere, certain kinds of stuff that goes away. He's just one other guy on the street. A former real estate tycoon. And the brand he spent a lifetime building next to his liberty is a thing he wants to preserve, and his odds of doing it, as David just said, have really plummeted."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: