George Conway: 'Moron' Trump May Go to Jail for Something 'Pointless and Silly' [VIDEO]

Donald Trump's presidency wasn't a good time for George Conway and his family. While the Conservative lawyer was fiercely opposed to Trump, his wife Kellyanne served as a Special Adviser to the former President. After the term was over, the couple announced that their marriage was coming to an end.

One could forgive George Conway is he takes some delight in Trump's legal problems after regularly being criticized by the former President. The lawyer talked about the former President's woes during Tuesday's edition of Morning Joe. 

"We are approaching the very end," Conway began. "I kept hearing this earworm in my head as I was coming to the studio this morning, 'This is it make no mistake.' We're getting down to the final strokes of this race."

The legal expert continued, "What's clearly really remarkable about it is that of all the things that this man has done, eight decades of lying and cheating and stealing this case, this documents case, is probably the easiest, shortest, simplest and yet carries the most severe penalties, likely penalties, of any of the cases, any of the legal issues that he's ever faced."

Conway closed:

"Now people will say, you know, he really, in a just world, he would go to jail for what he did on Jan. 6, the weeks approaching Jan. 6. And I kind of agree with that, but for this man who is basically a nihilistic moron, for him to go to jail potentially for a long time, these Espionage Act charges bring very heavy sentences to potentially go to jail for something so pointless and silly and useless as keeping these documents is actually kind of fitting."