Christie Todd Whitman: Trump is Scared of Chris Christie and Will Try to Tank His Campaign

Like Chris Christie, Christine Todd Whitman was one the Governor of New Jersey, serving from 1994 to 2001. And like Christie, Todd Whitman is a Conservative who despises Donald Trump. 

The former New Jersey Governor has made it clear that she wants to see the former President defeated at all costs. So it is no surprise that she is rooting for Christie to make it to the debate stage where he can attack Trump head on. 

Todd Whitman said during an interview on MSNBC on Tuesday, "He has nothing to lose by getting in it. He raises his profile nationally, which is nowhere as you can see from that poll right now. He enjoys the battle and can certainly compete with Trump."

The former New Jersey Governor continued:

"The problem for him is to get on the debate stage. He's got a record to run on, good and bad, people will look at that, but his numbers right now are not in a place I'd think it's going to be highly probable that he gets on the debate stage. He's done a lot of analysis and figures that it's worth his while to do this."

Whitman closed, "I think with all the candidates in there, in fact they might make it easier for Donald Trump to win. Of course, getting on the debate stage, one thing Donald Trump absolutely commands is the internal political working of the national committee and the apparatus. He'll do everything he can to keep Chris Christie off the debate stage."