Ex-Police Dog Won’t Stop Barking At Tree, Exposes Something Chilly

A Dog’s Instinct

Police dogs have been trained to use their instincts to search for missing people, sniff out dangerous or illegal materials, track criminals, and notify their handlers by barking. When a police dog keeps barking, it signifies that all is not well. 

This was the experience that Kyle, the ex-police dog, and his owners had to come to terms with. When the well-trained dog began to aggressively back at a tree, they knew something was amiss.

A Great Police Dog

Kyle was such a dependable and trained dog which led him to serve the police K9 unit for 8 long years. As an expert sniffer dog, Kyle had been helping the community to solve tough cases. K9 dogs were trained to be hostile, however, Kyle struggled because of his friendly and warm personality.

When he was assigned to Officer John, Kyle’s control of his behavior dramatically improved. Through training, he became closer to John, and his level of protectiveness also increased with him. He would do anything to save his life. What Kyle didn’t foresee was his future without John by his side. 

Inseparable Duo

The two created a special bond like nothing else. It also came to the point that Kyle only obeyed John’s command, leading them to be permanently partnered up. John even housed Kyle while they were on duty. But after 8 years in the unit, it was time for Kyle to retire and be rehomed. John admittedly couldn’t commit to taking care of him due to his busy schedule. So the two best friends had to part ways. 

Kyle for Adoption

Before joining the police, Kyle had already being adopted by two families. Apparently, these short and temporary companies brought a sense of abandonment to him. It was quite challenging for him to adjust to being rehomed. 

New Family

Then came the Smiths. After seeing that Kyle was tagged for adoption, they didn’t waste any time as they quickly fell in love with Kyle’s loveliness. His new family couldn’t contain their happiness. They had finally found a pet they adored. But this all was not rainbows and butterflies.

Every Dog’s Dream

For the first few months, everything went well. As they built a routine of exercising and being still physically active. They enjoyed each other’s company. But Kyle didn’t have enough space to run around, so the decided it was time to move to a bigger property. They thought Kyle would love going for a walk in the woodlands, so they bought a new house and relocated to the countryside. However, they didn’t get the expected results. 

A Gift for Kyle

With all the green and fresh environment of their new house, they expected Kyle to be as excited as they were. Having a spacious area to run is definitely every dog’s dream, so it didn’t make sense that he wouldn’t enjoy it. He could run wild and chase squirrels as long as he wanted. But Kyle was unhappy and a shadow of his old self. Hus new dad, Thomas Smith, did everything to make him feel better. He took Kyle on his daily walk and exercised around the place. Yet, Thomas couldn’t grasp what was happening to the dog.

A Sudden Change of Ambience

On one fine day, as Thomas and Kyle proceeded on their morning walk, he couldn’t help but notice that something is going on with him. Kyle started to wonder what it could be as he sniffed agitatedly while they were walking.

Immediate Consultation

Thomas started to compare what went wrong during their recent walks. Could it be in his diet or sleep? Was Kyle sick? At first, he presumed that it was maybe because of the recent adjustments in their new home. However, the signs continued, and it became a worry for Thomas. He only wanted what was the best for Kyle, so he didn’t think twice about getting him checked up. Yet,  events that followed only led to more confusion.

Results Are Out

After several tests and physical exams at the vet clinic, the results were out. Everything seemed just fine with him. The doctor said he was still in great health, so there was nothing to worry about. Yet Kyle’s condition continued to deteriorate.

Back on the Woods

The next day came, and upon going in with their usual trail, Thomas was attentively observing how Kyle would behave. Though he still seemed bothered, Thomas noticed how swift his actions switched when they began to walk on a different path. Unfortunately, he didn’t know what had gotten to Kyle’s instinct for him to react strangely. The reason behind would surely shock Thomas.

Uncontrollable Speed

Even after they had changed Kyle’s food and bed for his comfort, he remained uninterested. Their walks were usually slower, but something was different that day. Kyle’s ears surprisingly perked up for the first time as if he was on duty. And true enough, Kyle got aggressive as he forcefully led Thomas’ hands into the woods. He ran as far as he could until he stopped and began acting like a police dog.

On Duty

For the first time, Thomas saw how his ex-police dog acted on duty. Kyle sniffed furiously while following a path that led deeper into the woods. Then he came to a dead stop in front of a tree and started barking. Thomas called him several times, but Kyle stayed still in front of the tree. Thomas, as he looked up, thinking all the possible reasons behind Kyle’s barking.

The Reason Behind

As he looked up at the tree, he didn’t notice anything suspicious in the area. Thomas deeply thought about the possibilities. Since it was during the winter, everything was pretty dried out and you could see for miles. He looked for any animals that could be agitating the dog. But there was none.

I’m Staying Here

Kyle wouldn’t move away from the tree despite Thomas calling him several times. He even shouted different commands and persuaded him to use treats. But nothing worked. The dog continued to bark determinedly at the tree. Thomas slowly grabbed his collar, but as a trained ex-police dog, he steadily rejected Thomas’ force of action. Instead, he firmly sat and stayed beside a large tree. 

Mystery Under a Huge Tree

Thomas was frustrated and curious at this new behavior. He didn’t expect him to be this stubborn as a highly-trained dog. So he thought of this one person to help him with the situation. Considering the years they’ve worked together, he was really hoping that John had experienced this before. 

The Explanation

When John heard that Kyle was tightly sitting under a tree, his intuition told him that something might endanger his trained dog, for he recognized Kyle’s behavior immediately. John explained that this behavior was due to their training. Whenever Kyle found a lead, he should sit near it and wait until his partner came to him. But the real question was, what did Kyle find out in the middle of the woods?

Big Revelation

In the meantime, Thomas was told to investigate the tree carefully. His mind started to wonder and think about spine-chilling stuff. As he looked closely at it, the more intensely Kyle barked. Almost as if to tell him that he was on the right path. Kyle’s howl echoed in the woodland until Thomas discovered the loose bark on the tree. He continued to peel its skin until the inside was exposed. Thomas, while shocked, couldn’t believe what he saw as he abruptly jumped back off where he stood. 

Call for Backup

On the other hand, Kyle was vigilantly waiting for the next command of action. As Thomas began calling for help, frightened that he might mess up with the scene. He was heavily shaking while calling John, explaining in detail what Kyle had discovered in the tree. John immediately called for back up and asked Thomas to not touch anything else as it had now become a crime scene.

The Emotional Reunion

As alarmed and disturbed as John was, he tried to compose himself while gathering the forensic experts they needed before heading out to the location. As Kyle saw him, he immediately approached, cheerfully wagging his tail in excitement. They surely missed each other's company, but a more important matter should be looked into at this point. And John jumped right into action.

Crime Scene

Kyle and Thomas has discovered a human skeleton in the tree. Everyone was still shocked while the team intricately extracted the remains. People praised Kyle for being observant of these things. Now it was time to figure out what had happened with the tree. 

Interrupted Police Report

After the bones had been removed from the tree, John was ready to report it to his Chief Police Officer. But as soon as he dialed the number, someone tapped him to stop the call. Good thing, he hung up before he could get a hold of his Chief. Apparently, they’ve gathered all the data together, proving that the case didn’t need further investigation. They had discovered the truth about the bones. 

A False Alarm

Although the forensic experts confirmed that it was a human skeleton, it was a fake one. Someone must have put it in the tree as a Halloween prop to scare other people. The investigation was over and they had come a long way for nothing. It wasjust a false alarm. They just laughed it off. 

On The Way Home

Now that the investigation was done, it was time for them to pack it up. While preparing for the drive home, he began contemplating his busy schedule that didn’t allow him to visit Kyle in his new home. He felt the guilt and sadness. It was painful leaving him again. Then he remembered something weird.

Kyle’s Plan

Kyle was trained to differentiate non-threatening from threatening evidence, so why was he barking at the fake skeleton? Thomas solved the puzzle that John had been trying to. He finally understood the Kyle’s behavior. He just wanted to see his long-time partner. All of his signs of sadness were due to his longing for John.

Solved Case

The skeleton was nothing serious, but his yearning for John and craving for attention was so intense that he thought to do the easiest and most effective way for John to reach out to him. He just has recreated what he learned from the unit – sit and bark at the evidence to get your partner's attention. John recalled their moments together and made a vow to make some time for his former partner.

A Man’s Bestfriend

As John visited him again, Kyle expressed the same excitement as he joyfully jumped off at John while licking his face. This was a very special moment for him, realizing that his ex-partner had never forgotten him and their experiences together. They treasured those times as John started cuddling his best friend, giving him a belly rub, and looking closely at each other.

The Essence of Being a Dog

It is indeed true that a dog is a man’s best friend. Even after Kyle’s adoption, his memory of John had never vanished. In his own secret way, he still managed to see John again. After all, the dog’s love and loyalty still shine amidst the distance.

Quality Time with Kyle

Before they separated again, John took Kyle for a walk alone in the woods. This time, everything was different. As his face lit up while his wagging tails couldn’t stop, John took this opportunity to talk sincerely with Kyle. 

The Promise

John wouldn’t want to let the recent chaos happen again. So he felt the need to step up and make a promise to Kyle. It is a commitment to visit him more often despite his busy schedule. A promise to make time for him as best friends. Meanwhile, Kyle also learned to enjoy the Smiths family while John was away. After the scene, everything turned out better, and Kyle lived happily having two fathers.