Ex-GOP Rep.: Trump Worried About South Carolina, Where He Was Booed Yesterday [VIDEO}

While he has several things to worry about legally, Donald Trump hasn't seemed all that worried about winning the Republican nomination. He easily fended off a potential challenge from Ron DeSantis and is up big in most polls. 

Nikki Haley, though, seems to be gaining steam. The former Governor of South Carolina is a much more put together option than the former President. And as Trump's issues mount, Haley is gaining in the polls. 

Trump is in South Carolina this week, an early state in the Republican party and obviously a strong state for Haley. He was there to attend a South Carolina football game against Clemson.

Carlos Curbelo, a former GOP Rep. and now MSNBC contributor explained, "he's in South Carolina is because Donald Trump's a little worried about Nikki Haley. She's been growing in the polls and he has to face her one one-on-one in some of these early primary states, she could give him a run for his money."

And Trump hasn't received the reception he might have hoped for in the Palmetto state. Footage went viral last night of Trump being booed as he entered the stadium for the game. Things seem to be getting worse in South Carolina for the 45th President.