WATCH: Polling Expert Explains Why Trump Wants To Be Under Gag Order

Donald Trump is facing serious legal jeopardy in multiple states. He has also run through scores of capable lawyers and isn't being represented by an A-level team right now. So he is going to mainly focus on riling up his supporters. 

The main recourse the courts have to prevent Trump from attacking those prosecuting him is by issuing a gag order. But that may not be the same deterrent to Trump as it would be to someone else. During a weekend appearance on MSNBC, polling expert Fernand Amandi explained how the gag order helps Trump. 

When asked if the gag order hurts Trump's chances to campaign, Amandi responded, "He is right, it will harm his bid. He won't be able to spew 2AM and 6AM and 24/7 unhinged tweets, the way he does."

The polling expert continued, "The difference here is I think Trump is looking to get the gag order. He wants the gag order. Anything to continue the grievance campaign that he can tell his base that the deep state, or in this case, the courts, are going after him."

Amandi closed, "and, to unleash MAGA supporters to then say, in spite of the gag order, what he would otherwise think. So, I think we need to look at Trump acting here, cynically, in bad faith, to get that gag order. I think it will come on Monday."