Blind And Deaf Dog Knows Exactly When Dad Comes Home Everyday And The Way She Greets Him Is Something Out Of This World

Dogs truly are too pure for this world and one dog has proven that theory to ring true. Born both blind and deaf, this sweet dog hasn’t allowed that to stop her from living her best life. Recently, video footage of her has gone viral and it’s all because of her loving dedication to her owner. You won’t believe how this dog greets her owner each day!


20. Opal

Meet Opal, an 8-month-old merle-coated dog. Opal was adopted by Christina Bray and her husband through the Double J Dog Ranch. The rescue group located in Idaho works hard to find homes for dogs with special needs.

19. Special Needs

You see, Opal isn’t like the rest of the dogs at animal shelters. Due to improper breeding, Opal was born both blind and deaf. However, this didn’t stop her mom and dad from being interested in adopting her and keeping her forever.

18. Challenges

Although they knew it would be challenging to take on a dog with special needs, Christina and her husband knew they wanted to adopt Opal. The connection occurred instantly and they knew they were in love with her from the start.

17. Going Home

So Forrest and Christina both agreed that Opal would be going home with them. They quickly got all of the adoption papers in order and then brought Opal back to their home in Spokane, Washington. However, they had no idea how things would soon turn out…

16. Special, Indeed

Although Opal is unable to hear or see, that hasn’t stopped her from living her absolute best life. Forrest and Christina quickly realized that Opal was just as capable as any other dog was. They were blown away by her super positive attitude.

15. Playful

Opal is just as playful as a dog that both eyesight and hearing. In fact, Opal is often out in the backyard running around and enjoying life. Since her other senses aren’t as strong, Opal typically relies on her sense of smell.

14. Strong Nose

In order to compensate for the fact that she cannot see or hear, Opal has developed quite a strong sense of smell. In fact, it is thanks to her wonderful nose that Opal is able to navigate through life. Her parents are amazed at how much her nose helps guide her!

13. Viral Video

Recently, Opal became a bit of a viral sensation thanks to a video that was released. Opal’s parents happened to upload a video onto the Instagram account they run for her: @opalthedoublemerle. Thousands of people watched the heartwarming footage…

12. Sensing Dad

It seems that Opal is able to sense when her dad is on his way home. She can actually sense when he is driving down the road and she can smell him as he is pulling up to the house. This is when Opal gets super excited!

11. Full of Excitement

It seems that dad’s arrival is Opal’s absolute favorite part of the day. Christina happened to catch all of this on camera and it was heartwarming to watch. In the video you can see Opal bursting with joy as soon as she senses that her dad is home!

10. So Sweet

She waits in the front yard and waits to either feel or smell his car,” Bray wrote online.  “[I don’t know] how she can tell the difference, because neighbor cars pull up and she doesn’t care. She then smells him and goes crazy. It’s very sweet!

9. Happy Dad

Forrest is just as excited to see Opal filled with joy to greet him. Everyone in the comments section left behind some of the sweetest feedback. Users were referring to Opal as a sweet ‘angel’ and they were all amazed at how she could sniff out her dad.

8. Raising Awareness

Although the couple love Opal just the way she is, they are hoping to raise awareness by posting about her. They want to shed light on how breeding can cause life-threatening ailments to dogs. While Opal is doing well she still suffers…

7. Panic Attacks

Even though Opal’s condition is lucky not life-threatening it is still hard for her to navigate each day. Sometimes she suffers from anxiety attacks because of her condition. The couple also worries that she may have a neurological condition.

6. Vet Specialist

Outside of her condition, Christina and Forrest worry that Opal may have a neurological disorder. They are going to be taking her to a vet specialist soon to get everything checked out. However, they hope that Opal’s story can serve as a warning to the breeding community.

5. Loving Her

Even though she poses a harder challenge to care for, Christina and Forrest wouldn’t trade Opal for anything. They absolutely adore her and are so happy that they were given the opportunity to love and care for her. Just check out what Christina had to say on Facebook.

4. Facebook Post

I love my Opal so much. She is so loved and will continue to be spoiled her whole life. Yesterday she went to a new park and despite her disapproval of the rain, she had an amazing time. So love seeing her happy,” Christina wrote on Facebook.

3. Touch Training

The couple is currently working on helping to touch Opal. “She just wants pets, walks and treats like other dogs. We are working on touch training her. A few taps on the rear and she sits, and a tap on her shoulders and she lays down,” Forrest explained.

2. Explorer

For now, Opal is enjoying every single day with her mom and dad. Her parents love to take her to parks so that she could run around and explore. Opal is always down for an adventure and is as happy as she could ever be.

1. Grateful

Christina and Forrest both feel very lucky to have such an amazing dog like Opal. She is truly a blessing in their lives and they are grateful for her each day.