Big Freedia: ‘Just Be Free’ Track-by-Track Album Review

Bounce beat producer Big Freedia released her fourth studio album Just Be Free via Queen Diva Music on June 17th, 2014. Read PPcorn’s track-by-track review of Just Be Free below.

“Turn Da Beat Up” blasts the album open with fat blasts of low brass horns, a dance music style bass drop, breakbeats reminiscent of Prodigy, a stadium rock mixed with house four on the floor breakdown that absolutely pumps you up for whatever sporting event you’re set to attend. “Dangerous” features a dangerously sexy woman moaning, “Oh yes, wow,” in contrast to Big Freedia’s low, dry vocals, hollering “Wiggle work, wig-wig-wiggle work!” “N.O. Bounce” still maintains that beat that makes your bounce, despite the title and the slightly jazzy style incorporated by the interspersed piano hits. “Jump On It” is a rendition of the classic sexy bounce tune. With echoing congo drums and cute little girl voices spelling out Freedia’s name, Freedia encourages everybody in her crisp rap to just jump on it / get on it.”

“Lift Dat Leg Up” is the club-ready track on this album, with a melody full of scales meant for a classic DJ buildup for a dance set. “Ol’ Lady” takes a page from the 80’s with swelling synths and follows Freedia’s classic bounce beat, at a speed your ol’ lady and the First Lady could most definitely follow. “Where My Queens At” is an uplifting anthem for all transgender, androgynous, and gay lovers of hip-hop and bounce music, with Freedia herself the ringleader calling her fans to arms. “Explode” denotes the use of drum machines under Freedia’s holler to “Lose yourself in the music” riles you up in time for the last leg of bounce on the album. Harness all your shakin’ and bouncin’ energy. “Y’Tootsay” focuses primarily on the subject of the track’s title, so prepare to shake that booty with reckless abandon. No, stop, don’t think about it, just let it go. “Check yo Y’Tootsay!” “Mo Azz” wants you to do what you just did one more time. Go on, make Mystikal proud. The theme of bouncey booties thrives throughout Just Be Free and you can dance to it in celebratory retaliation against centuries of injustice and prejudice against dancing, sexuality, and derrieres.