Anahi Opens Up About Eating Disorders

Anahi is a singer/songwriter from Mexico and an actress. Born in 1983, her career began shortly after. She was a child star in Mexico and appeared in many Spanish-language films throughout the 1990’s. She was also a member of the Latina-pop group RBD, who sold over 15 million records and was nominated for several semi-prestigious awards, including the Latin Grammy. In 2009, Anahi released a solo project entitled Mi Delirio, which translates to English as “My Delirium”. The album has sold 3 million copies world wide.

Anahi got her lucky break in the world of entertainment at the age of two, when all her hard work and endless auditioning finally paid off and landed her a role in the Mexican soap opera, Chiquilladas. But television was just the beginning for this rising young firecracker. She released her first music album at the age of ten, in 1993. Anahi is also famous for having battled the mental illness/eating disorder anorexia during her teenage years as a Latina celebrity. At one point, she weighed only 75 pounds, and she was forced to seek psychological treatment at many clinics around the world.

The good news about this story is that, since her recovery from the eating disorder, Anahi has become quite vocal about helping young adults around the world who struggle with the illness. She also briefly owned her own clothing store in Mexico City, and is currently under investigation by authorities for tax fraud.

In 2011, it was discovered that Anahi suffers from a mild form of brain damage. Her brain was being deprived of a large percentage of oxygen due to a deviated septum, which became deviated in an accident some years previously. The doctors operated as quickly as they could, and Anahi is no longer believed to suffer from brain damage. Later that year, Anahí released an iPhone app on iTunes, called “Anahí Lite”. This is for her fans who found the original Anahi to be too full-bodied. I wonder what is the relation, if any, to her philanthropic work against anorexia and body image issues in teens?

Anahi is the spokesperson for Snickers in Latin America, and she has been to subject of a National Geographic documentary about the disease “body dysmorphia”. In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why Anahi is trending on Google today.

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