AM Exchange – There’s No Reason

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AM Exchange released a new music video for the song “There’s No Reason.” The song in enjoyable enough, a rock-pop anthem with not-offensive, effeminate vocals, and the cinematography is of professional quality. The storyline of the video is a little confusing, however, and not in a good way. The song opens with frontman Daniel Jacobs seated alone at a table with a single red rose in an otherwise totally empty California desert-scape. A seductive-looking blond woman in a summer dress approaches and points a gun at Jacobs, but she disappears before she can pull the trigger, leaving only a red apple in her place. Jacobs eats this, symbolizing, I guess, a of loss of innocence. Cut to Jacobs in his music studio, now in black and white for no obvious reason except that it looks nice, singing straight into the camera. Then, back to color, he wakes up in the street in L.A., with a $20 bill stuck to his face. He tries to use this to go into a bar, but the bouncer, a man with a Mexican death mask for a face, isn’t having any of it. The next thing you know, Jacobs is tied to a chair in some kind of witch’s lair, and the blond woman is back. She is force-feeding him the apple again, which is, again, probably meant to be symbolic of sin or something along those lines. Then he’s in a bathtub and a man with hairy arms is trying to drown him. He comes to in the desert again, and now he looks pissed, which is understandable considering everything he’s just been through. He whips a gun out of his pocket and storms up to his beautiful blond tormenter, who is sitting at his original table, except that this time the rose is yellow instead of red (What could that mean?). Jacobs points the gun at the woman, but, once again, she disappears into thin air before anything can happen. That’s it. That’s the video. Probably somebody on the internet will think it’s heavy and profound. The song itself is good, but not remarkable.

Writer and Director: Daniel Jacobs
Director of Photography: Brian Bins
Art Director, Aerial Photographer, Location Manager: Charles McNulty
Hair and Makeup: Emmalee Almroth