Allen Stone: ‘Upside’ Single Review

Allen Stone is a Soul singer from Washington who is currently getting ready to release his third album, Radius. His newest single is “Upside” and this particular song perfectly captures Allen Stone’s style. I first heard Allen Stone when he opened for Al Green at a concert in Los Angeles. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure of what to expect when he got on stage but by the end of his set, I had bought his album at the merch stand and I have been faithfully listening to him ever sense. Radius will be Stone’s debut album through Capitol Records and will be a follow up to his self-released, self-titled sophomore album. When listening to “Upside” there is no denying that this song is the perfect introduction to the new album.

“Upside” carries a 70’s R&B feel and showcases the Stevie Wonder influence that Allen Stone so often references. The funky and upbeat song is enough to get anyone excited about the upcoming album. This song embodies everything that is Allen Stone from the soulful vocals, to the chorus that sounds reminiscent of a church choir. “Upside” has the same ‘heart-on-the-sleeve’ and authentic sound that we’ve learned to expect from Allen Stone. The song illustrates the emotional rollercoaster that one gets stuck in when being in love. “Love is like gravity / It pulls me down equally / And draws me back every time / This love is a heavy kind.”

Allen Stone has been around for a while and has somehow managed to stay under the radar. Don’t get me wrong, his fans are definitely plenty and certainly loyal (I’ve been to three live shows of his and all have been sold out) but he keeps getting missed by mainstream media. With Capitol Records backing this LP, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the album that makes Allen Stone a household name. Stone’s music is refreshing to listen to, at a time when music is created through manufactured sounds and altered vocals; he is a breath of fresh air, in an otherwise suffocating music world. Radius is set to release on May 26th and the anticipation is killing me. So, what are you waiting for? Go listen to “Upside” and come back to tell me what you thought. You’re welcome in advance.