Alabama Boy Saves A Bobcat And His Fawn Friend From Wildfire And Brings Them Home, Now Watch How They Greet Him Every Morning

Over the last five years, America has had several long-running wildfires that have damaged the natural landscape and hurt animals. Wildfires threatened the lives of bobcat and his tiny friend the fawn. Backed into a corner, they sought help from a little boy. After he saved their lives, they repaid him in the most amazing way.

12. A Caring Family

The Krause family of Alabama always enjoyed living in the country. They never could have predicted that they would one day witness a serious forest fire. Fires that consume large areas of land don’t just damage trees and plants; animals also lose their lives.

11. Animal Instinct

Animals aren’t totally helpless against fires. Their natural instincts and learned behaviors mean they have strategies to avoid catastrophes. According to National Geographic,” Birds will fly away. Mammals will run. Amphibians and other small creatures will burrow into the ground, hide out in logs, or take cover under rocks.” But just as with humans, the small and young animals are at greatest risk.

10. Terrifying Fires

A series of fires had hit the areas around the Krause’s home, but left their home intact. Sadly, the entire forest around their house burned down to the ground. The Krause family had always been animal lovers, adopting any animals that were in need. Then one day they discovered two creatures that desperately needed help.

9. George Saves the Day

Their son George found a baby bobcat and a fawn that couldn’t breathe in the smoke-filled air. The animals were at risk of perishing in the dry, smoky conditions. The animals immediately sensed the boy could help them. They followed him home, where the family quickly deiced they could care for them until they could be released in the wild.

8. Benji and Athena

However, the fawn and the bobcat had other plans. The family named the two animals Benji the Bobcat and Athena the fawn. As they grew they became inseparable from the rest of the family and their pets. They would play with toys and even nap on the furniture.

7. Benji the Bobcat

Sometimes Benji the Bobcat would even sleep with the dog on the couch! They had truly integrated with the family, and the Krauses were amazed by how normal it felt to have a bobcat and a deer in their midst.

6. Legal

It is not legal in every state to own a bobcat. Some say it is similar than owning a Savannah cat. But in Alabama, as in North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin and South Carolina, it is perfectly legal to keep a bobcat as a pet. That means the family can keep Benji.

5. Benji Loves George

Benji knew exactly how to make sure his family knew that he loved them for saving his life As he grew, he made it clear that he loved being held by George, the boy who saved him. He rubs is head on the boy with love.

4. Athena is Sweet

As for Athena the fawn, she decided to stick around for the long term. She lives with the family both inside and outside and has a safe wooded area to play in. The deer is just as gentle as ever.

3. Athena and Eros

It wasn’t long before the family came to the aid of another baby deer. This one was male and he was orphaned. So the family took him in and he became best friends with Athena. They thought it was only natural that he also be named for a Greek God, so his name is Eros. The two sleep, eat and play together.

2. Animal Lovers

The Krause family wasn’t kidding when they said they loved animals. They have several dogs and cats, too! Here the cat skeptically hangs out in the yard with the deer. Typical cat look! They all get along.

1. Dogs, Cats, and Everything Else

And the Krause family loves raising dogs. These are five adorable white lab puppies that are just four weeks old. They pups are fluffy, new, and quite a handful. They are one of the many pets featured on the Krause’s YouTube channel, which is named for Benji the Bobcat!