After Losing All Her Babies, Irma The Corgi Adopts Orphaned Kitten Who Has Matching Fur

Not all sad stories have sad endings. This beautiful Corgi named Irma, unfortunately, lost all of her puppies. When her entire litter died, Irma went into a major depression. Nothing seemed to make her happy. That’s when she found a reason to live: a kitten who resembled a Corgi puppy.

10. Irma the Corgi

Poor Irma the Corgi was expecting seven puppies. This is the average litter size for a Corgi, but something went wrong. Her owner Johanna knew that the dog was in distress, so she rushed the dog to the vet right away.

9. A Terrible Birth

The vet quickly determined the dog needed an emergency c-section. Sadly, the vet could not save the puppies. All seven Corgi pups died. Irma was completely devastated. When Johanna brought the dog back home, nothing could make her happy.

8. In Mourning

Irma was in mourning for her lost babies. She expected to have seven pups to raise, but instead, she was childless. Johanna did not know how to help the dog feel better. Then she had a great idea: fostering a kitten.

7. A New Hope

Johanna brought home a two-week-old kitten who really needed a place to grow. This kitten actually happens to have the same coloring as Irma, all brown and white and orange. He’s not a puppy, but he’s the next best thing. Could this kitten give Irma her heart back?

6. An Adorable Kitten

Irma was cautious at first. The little kitten was just getting its legs and was extremely active. But it didn’t take too long before she started to perk up. There was just something about the way the kitten looked and sounded that felt right to her. So she decided to adopt him!

5. New Mom Life

Suddenly Irma’s life started to look a little brighter. She loves mothering the new kitten. In addition to feeding and cuddling, she gives him baths, like she does in this photo. She watches over him as he toddles around the floor. The two are always close together so that the kitten doesn’t get into something dangerous.

4. Snuggling Together

The two sleep together. The feel of a small kitten is very similar to a small puppy, so Irma’s maternal instincts get a workout! She enjoys snuggling with the new baby. He doesn’t replace the pups she lost, but he gives her life a purpose. When they cuddle together, Irma is content.

3. Talky Kitten

Like any hungry baby, the kitten is not shy about asking for food. Irma will nurse him and settle him back down. As far as she is concerned this is her baby and she will love him just the same way she would a Corgi pup. But he definitely has a set of lungs on him, and in this photo, he has something to say!

2. Family Portrait

The family resemblance is incredible. They may be different species, but neither of these light brown animals cares about that. For the orphaned kitten, this is his mother. For the Corgi, he is just like her puppies would have been. The little guy seems very proud to have a Corgi dog as a mom.

1. A Great Team

Dogs and cats are said not to get along but that’s a bit of a myth. Kittens and puppies have been raised by each other when the need arises, and many people have cats and dogs who become best friends.  That’s what happened to Irma and her new kitten. They are bonded for life.