Adam Levine Attacked With a Bag of Sugar

It appears that Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, has had some pretty strange fan encounters; including being pelted by a bag of powdered sugar.  After performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with Maroon 5 and having a brief chat with the host, Levine decided to hang out in the studio’s parking lot and sign a few autographs.  It was while he was signing these autographs that a man in his mid-thirties attacked the singer.  Security held the man for police who took him into custody for suspicion of battery on Levine and four other people who were also attacked by the man.  Fans tweeted pictures of both the suspect and Levine, who brushed the sugar off himself and continued on his way.

Besides having a bag of sugar thrown at him, ironically the band’s latest single is called “Sugar,” Levine has been on the receiving end of many strange encounters.  On Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Levine discussed the time when a woman rushed the stage and wrapped herself around his neck, cutting his ear.  “The thing is, was she a 90lb. harmless girl? Definitely. Did it feel, because it was so jarring and in the moment and my eyes were closed and I was attacked by somebody, did it feel like a sumo wrestler? Yeah.”  Levine defended himself by explaining that no matter how strong you are and no matter how well you feel you can defend yourself, when your eyes are closed all bets are off.

While Levine has had a few close encounters with his fans, he has had his fair share of special fan meetings as well.  Early March of this year, Levine, along with the rest of the band met a young Maryland boy with Down Syndrome.  The ten year old, Christopher Warner, was given backstage passes for him, his mother, and several of his teachers; after a video showing his devotion to the band went viral, receiving over three million views.  When Warner was introduced to the band, he became very shy and nervous and hid on the floor of the locker room behind his mother.  The band reacted by lying on the floor as well, Levine saying “’That’s OK, we’ll all get down on the floor.”  Warner’s mother was quite impressed with how Levine and the rest of the band treated the boy and had nothing but good things to say when she appeared on ABC News to discuss the event.  Maroon 5 keyboardist, PJ Morton, also had a great time meeting Warner, saying “He’s an awesome kid…I got a high five!”

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