Accused of Sexual Harassment, Matt Schlapp Says He Was Dumped By Fox Over Politics

Matt Schlapp, the influential Republican behind CPAC says that Fox News stopped having him on due to politics and not because he has been accused of sexual harassment. 

Republican candidates for major office know that one of the best ways to introduce themselves to Conservative voters is through CPAC conferences. As the man behind the conferences, Matt Schlapp holds an awful lot of sway.

But back in March of this year, a former Republican staffer claimed that he was groped by the influential Conservative. Subsequently, Schlapp was dropped from Fox News. According to Schlapp the reason for his troubles is his politics. 

Schlapp said during a Thursday appearance on Newsmax, "I was on Fox practically every day for years and years and years. And then something happened in the country; the BLM riots happened, the virus happened, and then this crazy presidential election with all this voter fraud happened, and Fox seemed to want to be at war with its viewers. And people who have opinions and voices like me, became a less hospitable place."

The Conservative figure's accuser, Carlton Huffman, has filed a lawsuit. According to reports, Schlapp's attempts to settle the suit have been ignored. 

See a clip of the segment below: