Chris Christie Says The DOJ Has Way More Evidence Against Trump Than What Is In Indictment

Chris Christie used to be a Donald Trump loyalist, but those days are over. Now the New Jersey Governor is hoping to get on the GOP debate stage so he can take it to his former friend. The issue is that Christie may not be able to reach the polling and fundraising goals that would put him on that stage. 

Last night, CNN allowed Christie the chance to preview his attacks on Trump. While talking about the federal indictment of Trump, the former New Jersey Governor predicted that the DOJ has plenty of evidence against the former President that hasn't been released to the public. 

Christie told Anderson Cooper, "It is a very tight, very detailed, evidence-laden indictment, and the conduct in there is awful."

The former Republican Governor continued:

"What I can tell you, for sure I know about that indictment, is there’s probably about a third of the evidence they actually have is in that indictment. There will guaranteed be a lot more. When you’re a prosecutor, you never put every card on the table before the trial."

While Christie is one of the few Republicans willing to attack Trump, he has a major likability problem. When he left office in New Jersey, he did so with one of the lowest approval ratings in recorded history. It will be an uphill climb for his to reach the debate stage.