A Woman Caught A Homeless Man With A Cart Full Of Dogs So She Followed Him To See What He Was Doing

A young woman was heading home one day when she noticed something truly odd. The sight troubled her for a few days until she finally went back to figure out what the situation was all about. The shocking revelation blew her away and she knew from that moment on that she couldn’t sit idly by on her way home anymore.

20. Strange Sight

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Alicia Edrington, a 24-year-old mother from Arkansas, was driving on her way home when she saw a very strange sight from the side of her window. She began to slow down so that she could get a better look at the situation and was surprised by what she saw.

19. The Man

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She immediately noticed a homeless man stopped along the side of the highway. He appeared to be repairing a bicycle that was attached to a small cart. The situation didn’t seem all that strange until Alicia noticed what was inside of the cart…

18. The Cart

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When Alicia looked further she noticed that there was a bunch of dogs sitting inside of the cart. As she continued to drive by she knew she couldn’t leave without doing something, so she called her father to ask for his advice. He quickly responded.

17.  A Father’s Advice

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As Alicia explained the situation to her father, they both agreed that approaching the man would be a risk. However, they both agreed that she couldn’t drive away without offering any help so she turned back around to find the man with the cart filled with dogs.

16. Offering Help

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Alicia turned the car back around and stopped next to the homeless man. She introduced herself to him and asked about his situation. The man, whose name was Steve, explained that he was on the way to a friend’s home in Indiana. Then he went into further detail…

15. The Situation

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Steve went on to explain that he had been homeless and living on the streets since 2001. Throughout his time on the streets, Steve took it upon himself to rescue and care for stray dogs that he would come across. Alicia was blown away by Steve’s selfless generosity toward the dogs.

14. Fundraiser

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After conversing with Steve, Alicia knew that she had to help him in whatever way she could. She decided to start an online fundraiser through GoFundMe to raise some money for Steve. Alicia did not expect the amount of support that the fundraiser would ultimately receive.

13. Caring

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He treats the dogs better than he treats himself,” Alicia revealed during an interview. “I find it extraordinary. I’m a big animal lover myself. When I began interacting with him I was overwhelmed.”

12. Exceeding Expectations

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Alicia was stunned when she received more than triple times the original amount she had asked for in the fundraiser. On top of that, a wonderful woman named Kelley Seaton offered to drive Steve all the way to Indiana. The community was pouring out help and kindness and Alicia couldn’t believe her eyes.

11. Animal Rescue

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Kelley Seaton was absolutely touched by Steve’s love for his dogs. As an employee for Animal Rescue Corps in Dyersburg, Tennessee, she just knew she had to help out Steve. She drove out to Arkansas and picked up Steve and the dogs to make the trip all together.

10. The Trip

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Once Kelley reached Steve, she helped to pack all of the dogs into the SUV and even placed the bike on the back of her car and tied up the cart to the top. When everyone was inside and ready to go, Kelley started the drive over to Indiana and she was surprised at how well the dogs behaved on the ride over…

9. Facebook Post

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Toto is wondering what this hold up in the traffic is. We’ll get there!” Kelley wrote on her Facebook. “They’ve all traveled so well today!” The group couldn’t wait to reach their final destination and the excitement was building up in the car!

8. Motel

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When they finally arrived in Indiana, the group was able to stay in a motel. Steve and his dogs all had a warm room and a roof over their heads, which was a great change of pace after so many years of living on the streets.

7. Animal Welfare Worker

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While they were staying in a hotel, Steve was able to get in contact with an animal welfare worker named Angela. She was able to help Steve in caring for the dogs and checked all of them for any signs of health issues. Angela made several trips to the motel while the group stayed there.

6. Lucky

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Steve was lucky enough to find a motel that was pet-friendly and allowed him to stay with his gang of pups. The group stuck around in the hotel for a few weeks. Thanks to all of the generous folks that donated to his cause, however, they didn’t have to stay too long.

5. Donations

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Thanks to the GoFundMe started by Alicia, Steve found himself with over $30,000. This money would help him enormously in getting off the streets and making a new life for himself and his furry pals. But that wasn’t the end of the generosity.

4. Trailer

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While the money was already a wonderful blessing to Steve, another person felt like being even more generous. They managed to donate an entire trailer to Steve where he and his dogs could live. Things were really looking up for Steve.

3. Thankful

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Steve is eternally grateful to everyone that helped him on his mission to Indiana as well as all who donated to the fundraiser. It is amazing to think about how a community effort can really change the life of one person for the better.

2. Update

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Steve and his dogs are now living happy with a roof over their heads. Being homeless is no longer an issue for him and it is all thanks to one woman who felt that it was her duty to help a man in need.

1. Inspiring

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It is truly inspiring to see just how much change one person can have on the life of another. When a community rallies together toward a cause so much can be accomplished. Be sure to share this story of generosity with all of your friends and family!